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Is violence the answer? December 10, 2010

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As an ex-student (a student of politics no less), this whole tuition fees thing has been a massive interest. On the one hand, I sit here laughing that whilst the government and gone and charged me about £20,000 for my degree (£3,000 tuition fees x 3 years, and about £3,500 maintenance loan x 3 years). At the moment I pay back 11% of what I earn over £15,000 a year (so about £60 a month), and after 24 years of paying it off the rest of the debt will be written off. So whilst I might pay off the loan itself, I dont see how I could ever repay the interest they are adding to it! The debt isnt something I think about, I just know it’s there when my pay slip is £60 less than I would like (or £460 less, if you include tax!).

But on the other hand, I can completely understand with the student’s anger towards being charged £9,000 a year. In each of my years at University, I never had more than 12 hours a week of contact time, I had to buy all of my own books because there weren’t enough in the library, and I felt short-changed. I wouldnt change my degree for the world, and I loved some of the lecturers I had and the people I met, but £20,000 is a lot of money! I would definitely think twice about going if I was going to graduate with £32,000 debt and not get any more than I did a few years ago.

The main argument from Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems (which have made a fateful mistake in handling this like they have) is that graduates wont start repaying it until they earn £21,000 – well that’s all well and good, but doesnt that mean it’s going to take them longer to pay it off? And if the Government are going to write this off after 30 years, aren’t they just going to be stuck with a massive bill to write off in the near future? I just dont understand how merely increasing the fees and repayment threshold fixes an inherently broken system.

And to all the Lib Dems who have gone back on your word, I saw a lot of students supporting your party and everything you stood for at University. I doubt I can see half as many now. You might be fearful of the coalition, but I’d be more afraid of the prospect of re-election which isnt as far away as you’d hope.


That’s better December 6, 2010

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So I’ve spent my lunch break:
1) queueing in the post office (for what felt like forever)
2) moving my new blog to wordpress and copying the 4 measely posts I had on blogger over – how exciting!

Miles prefer wordpress already, although I’m still not happy with the theme so expect that to change!

This weekend I mainly hibernated due to the bad weather! The pavements were like solid blocks of ice so apart from trailblazing in the new wellies to Sainsburys and hitting the gym, I did very little on Saturday. I did get my bake on and make a steak, ale and stilton pie which was amazing if I do say so myself! Then on Sunday I hit town with the rents for some Christmas shopping (I wasn’t very successful – I just bought myself a nail varnish and some lunch!)

Obviously I watched X Factor, and I loved the Glee performance!

I personally thought it was a true testement to the fact they can actually sing! And I have   massive girl crush on the girl who plays Brittany in the show – she is stunning!

The Black Eyed Peas on the other hand…………….I just dont get it! I have loved most of their past music, but this latest dirty dancing track, well I just dont get it!

Any X Factor opinions or more exciting weekends than mine?! xxx



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So I’m off work for the second day because of the snow! Although I have done by best to work from home today (hello remote access email and event booking system!) so hopefully that’s earnt me a few brownie points and meant I’ve got less emails to deal with when I eventually make it in!
The back garden looked so pretty this afternoon:
This was until I went outside in trainers and destroyed the immaculate snow, and got frost bite in my toes (so worth it)! Sadly I didnt build anything, but my friend in Nottingham built the most amazing snowbear and it was bigger than her! Truly jealous!
Also got my shred on for the 3rd day in a row. Took measurements this morning (and some HORRIBLE before piccys) so I might share both if this shred thing works – and if it doesnt, they are all being deleted!
What have you been up to in the snow today? Or are you one of the few people who havent been affected?!

So here we go (again)

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So I’ve always fancied myself as a blogger. After doing my dissertation a bit on social media, I fell in love with twitter (even more so when I joined the 21st century recently and got a phone with the internet on it!!), and love reading blogs like Jennifer RosellenCheeky’s Beauty blogFleur De Force andGemsmacquillage, so thought I might as well give it a go! Also, since I’m a politics graduate as well I am quite opinionated and “gobby” (as my delightful friends would say), so I might as well give it a go!!

So I’m Lauren, I’m 22 and I live in Surrey with my parents. Work in London as part of a scientific charity organising events, which is a bit laughable considering I barely passed GCSE science! To be honest, I’m trying to find my feet at the moment, as having amazing friends so close at uni and a good social life, coming home has been a bit of a crash and 1 year on I still dont feel like it’s normal!

No doubt this page will change as I figure out how on earth to use blogger and find my ideal background piccy etc, but stick with it and hopefully I’ll be worth it =) I originally started this blog on blogger but HATED it so have moved to wordpress to figure out the more complicated design things!