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That’s better December 6, 2010

Filed under: general,shopaholic — lrns88 @ 2:24 pm

So I’ve spent my lunch break:
1) queueing in the post office (for what felt like forever)
2) moving my new blog to wordpress and copying the 4 measely posts I had on blogger over – how exciting!

Miles prefer wordpress already, although I’m still not happy with the theme so expect that to change!

This weekend I mainly hibernated due to the bad weather! The pavements were like solid blocks of ice so apart from trailblazing in the new wellies to Sainsburys and hitting the gym, I did very little on Saturday. I did get my bake on and make a steak, ale and stilton pie which was amazing if I do say so myself! Then on Sunday I hit town with the rents for some Christmas shopping (I wasn’t very successful – I just bought myself a nail varnish and some lunch!)

Obviously I watched X Factor, and I loved the Glee performance!

I personally thought it was a true testement to the fact they can actually sing! And I have   massive girl crush on the girl who plays Brittany in the show – she is stunning!

The Black Eyed Peas on the other hand…………….I just dont get it! I have loved most of their past music, but this latest dirty dancing track, well I just dont get it!

Any X Factor opinions or more exciting weekends than mine?! xxx


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