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So here we go (again) December 6, 2010

Filed under: general — lrns88 @ 2:04 pm

So I’ve always fancied myself as a blogger. After doing my dissertation a bit on social media, I fell in love with twitter (even more so when I joined the 21st century recently and got a phone with the internet on it!!), and love reading blogs like Jennifer RosellenCheeky’s Beauty blogFleur De Force andGemsmacquillage, so thought I might as well give it a go! Also, since I’m a politics graduate as well I am quite opinionated and “gobby” (as my delightful friends would say), so I might as well give it a go!!

So I’m Lauren, I’m 22 and I live in Surrey with my parents. Work in London as part of a scientific charity organising events, which is a bit laughable considering I barely passed GCSE science! To be honest, I’m trying to find my feet at the moment, as having amazing friends so close at uni and a good social life, coming home has been a bit of a crash and 1 year on I still dont feel like it’s normal!

No doubt this page will change as I figure out how on earth to use blogger and find my ideal background piccy etc, but stick with it and hopefully I’ll be worth it =) I originally started this blog on blogger but HATED it so have moved to wordpress to figure out the more complicated design things!



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