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Snow! December 6, 2010

Filed under: exercise,general,health,work — lrns88 @ 2:10 pm
So I’m off work for the second day because of the snow! Although I have done by best to work from home today (hello remote access email and event booking system!) so hopefully that’s earnt me a few brownie points and meant I’ve got less emails to deal with when I eventually make it in!
The back garden looked so pretty this afternoon:
This was until I went outside in trainers and destroyed the immaculate snow, and got frost bite in my toes (so worth it)! Sadly I didnt build anything, but my friend in Nottingham built the most amazing snowbear and it was bigger than her! Truly jealous!
Also got my shred on for the 3rd day in a row. Took measurements this morning (and some HORRIBLE before piccys) so I might share both if this shred thing works – and if it doesnt, they are all being deleted!
What have you been up to in the snow today? Or are you one of the few people who havent been affected?!

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