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Purchase of the day December 6, 2010

Filed under: shopaholic — lrns88 @ 2:12 pm
With the recent flurry of snow in the south, my heels and boots dont seem to be cutting it. Even the horrible trainers I wear to commute still mean I get to the office with frost bite in my toes! And now with the snow turning to ice, it’s either adapt or hibernate (and I dont think hibernation is an option!)
So I spent yesterday lunch break hitting Oxford Street for some suitable footwear. I looked on a few websites for some cheapy wellies, but when I found them they had zero grip on the bottom and would definitely result in me going flying! My ideal pair would have been:
Hunters wellies classic short in graphite – I love them!! But for £60, I dont love them enough – especially just before christmas! So instead I opted for:
“Office Croc Print Welly 2 Black Shiny Rubber” – doesnt the name just roll off the tongue?! But I love them – they are wellies without the obvious look I’m wearing wellies, and today I willingly walked to sainsburys just to plough through the snow! And with glasto on next year, hopefully I’m a step closer to fitting in!
How are you all coping with the current weather situ?!

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